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Kael Foods Green Initiative

Aug 31, 2012

Kael Foods Inc. has gladly joined the global “Go Green” effort by doing our part in helping preserve our earth for the future generations. Within the last 3 years we have adopted and implemented numerous projects to ensure that we are a sustainable business. Our efforts include and are not limited to the following:

Supporting Local Ranches, this helps reduce transportation distances and thus less pollution, as well as, creating less need for packaging materials that are majority of the time not eco-friendly.

Organic Products, we adopted a large selection of organic and cage free items into our inventory. 

Energy Efficient, we upgraded to more efficient generator fans and energy saving light bulbs within the warehouse.

Minimized Paper Use, we implemented a new management information system which has drastically cut the amount of paper we utilize.

Recycling, weinvested in a multi-bin recycling program which included a training class to properly educate our workforce on recycling; a lifetime tool they can utilize outside of work as well.

Route Management, we are continuously shifting our route stops to ensure the most economical routes are implemented.

Biodiesel Fleet, we are currently considering a biodiesel switch for our Kael Foods truck fleet.

We guarantee our customers that our efforts will not stop here but instead we will continue to look for ways to remain an ecologically-friendly business.

The Kael Foods Team